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We are a professional outsourcing company with many years of experiences of our directors and team.
Arna team sees the importance of administration and organization in order to reduce unnecessary working procedures and increase the efficiency for those who lack labor and specialized expertise.

  1. Provide teaching training for foreign teachers
  2. Provide Thai language training indoors and outdoors
  3. Provide consultation concerning domestic and international VISA applications
  4. Provide language translation service with certification for government agencies
  5. Provide consultation and internal organization development training indoors and outdoors
  6. Provide car use training indoors and outdoors

Arna Education & Services Co., Ltd would like to be part of your organization to help achieve the administrative goals.
Benefits of Outsourcing

  1. The company can reduce its size but still maintain the same capacity.
  2. The company can compete with big companies.
  3. The company can reduce a considerable amount of cost in terms of personnel, benefits, and tools.
  4. The company can focus on what is more important such as customer relations, research, marketing development, etc. to be more efficient and of higher quality which will result in higher profits to the units and personnel.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the transferring of the fulfilment of tasks or processes from inside your organization to an outside party, also known as an outsourcing service. The good thing about outsourcing is that you can give work that requires skills and expertise that your business lacks to somebody who does have those skills and expertise, thereby allowing your business to focus its energy doing what is within its core competencies.

Outsourcing can be divided into two areas:
Outsourcing personnel
Outsourcing processes

1.Outsourcing Personnel: We provide the people with the skills and knowledge to carry out the required work at your business premises. This allows you to bypass the ordinary recruitment process which, as any employer who has ever been through this process knows, can be very laborious and time consuming without necessarily being able to guarantee that your new hires will have the skills and knowledge that you required in the first place.

Here’s why you should outsource personnel through us:

We are experts at finding and retaining experienced talent.

We maintain a continually updated database of personnel to ensure that your business can access the appropriate skills and knowledge in a timely manner.

We actively facilitate the maintenance of a continuously evolving knowledge base among our professionals to ensure that they can keep up with the most current needs of businesses, whatever the field.

We base our working standards on international benchmarks.

2.Outsourcing processes: We take the task or process that you require to be completed and take care of it ourselves without using any of your business’ personnel, equipment or resources.

Deciding what or who to outsource from within your business is made easy with our handy strategic outsourcing framework:

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754/8 Rangsiya Village Soi Punawitthi 22 Sukhumvit 101 Rd. Phrakanong Bangkok Thailand 10260

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