The expat community in Thailand in numbers

Thailand has been welcoming a growing community of expats for decades. But how many expats actually live in Thailand? This basic question is not so easy to answer. First, a definition must be given to the word “expat“. Secondly, data are sometimes missing or are not totally trustworthy. The report about Thailand issued by the International Organization for Migration (2019) is probably one of the most reliable and updated source to estimate the number of Read more…

Why Choose Thailand to settle down as an Expat?

Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, France, and America are some of the top places for expatriates across the globe. But Asian countries have been gaining immense popularity. One is definitely Thailand.

With a variety of options, Thailand has a special and unique place in people’s hearts. In fact, it has been creating a buzz among people of many nationalities.

But wondering why you should select Thailand over the others? Here are some of the topnotch reasons you should know.


Common health insurance exclusions in Thailand

When securing a health insurance plan in Thailand, be sure to confirm with your insurance broker what the exclusions are. You do not want to be caught in a situation where you make a claim only to be told by your insurer that owing to one or more exclusions your claim is invalid; for the insurer to inform you in this manner will come as a nasty surprise indeed.

So for those that are unaware of what it means, a health insurance exclusion refers to cases in which the company does not provide coverage. These are conditions that are excluded (more…)

Countries that won’t let you enter without travel insurance

Whether you are a veteran traveler or one who is making their first steps in travel, it pays to know that the world we live in is a vast and unpredictable place with many associated risks.

What is therefore essential is the need to secure appropriate travel insurance to cover those risks, including the most obvious such as medical emergency costs and for travel related mishaps. Medical emergencies overseas can be really expensive, especially if you’re traveling in a remote location and in need of medical evacuation.


5 tips for buying the best expat health insurance in Thailand

Contrary to popular belief, not all medical treatments are affordable in the Land of Smiles. Expenses can definitely add up, especially for major procedures at the most established private hospitals, many of which are frequented by medical tourists and expats in Thailand.

A gastric bypass in Bangkok, for example, can cost up to USD 42,000! Finding the best expat health insurance plan that covers the increasing cost of healthcare here is, therefore, strongly recommended to protect your finances and give you maximum peace of mind.


Security In Thailand

Road risk

The road network is generally in good condition. However, the road accident rate is one of the highest in the world. In 2013, 20,000 people died in road accidents. Compliance with speed limits is highly recommended and extreme caution is advised, especially when driving at night. The use of two-wheelers is particularly dangerous (in Thailand, 75% of fatal accidents occur on two-wheelers.) Helmets are rarely up to standard. (more…)